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Cinnaholic in Fortune Magazine


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Cinnaholic in Fortune Magazine

Florian Radke

In just several short years California couple Florian and Shannon Radke have taken their vegan bakery, Cinnaholic, from food truck to franchise. Cinnaholic co-founder Florian Radke said his wife always had a knack for baking, even when she worked at her day job as an accountant. “She’d bring homemade treats to work with her, and most of the time, her co-workers didn’t realize they were eating something vegan,” said Radke.

Realizing the potential appeal of Shannon’s pastries, the couple — they met in 2008 when German native Florian visited the West Coast for a surfing trip — began a small catering company and food truck. Word promptly spread of the two longtime vegans’ delectable offerings, and the first Cinnaholic bakery opened its doors in Berkeley, Calif. a short time later.

”The growth rate was astounding to us,” Radke said. “We weren’t expecting it to happen in the beginning.” Located near a bustling college campus, the Radkes’ products initially appealed to families, especially those who had young children with food allergies.

But the deliciousness of warm cinnamon rolls boasting unique flavors like bananas foster, lemon poppy seed, and caramel apple pecan ultimately appealed to a much larger league of loyal, local fans. “A recent customer survey we did indicated that quite a few of our regular customers didn’t even realize our products were vegan,” Radke said. “So we definitely have a huge crossover appeal.”

While additional Cinnaholic stores were always part of the long-term plan, the Radkes initially figured they’d eventually open another store or two in their home state before looking at the bigger picture.

Earlier this month, Cinnaholic launched its national franchise program, and since then, the Radkes have received nearly 100 serious inquiries. “It’s pretty interesting,” said Florian Radke. “We thought we’d basically see a couple Bay Area applicants but we’ve been contacted by people in Boston, in New York City, in Texas. The potential is huge.
— April Guilmet, Fortune Magazine