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Berkeley Cinnaholics beware: You’re about to relapse (The Oakland Tribune)
“Florian and Shannon Radke have discovered the culinary holy grail, and its on sale at Cinnaholic in Berkeley.”


A Retro-Chic Berkeley Baker Gives Us A Tour Of Her Home Kitchen (
“Think vegan desserts are blah? Then you haven’t been to Berkeley’s Cinnaholic, ground-zero for animal product-free, ooey-gooey baked-goods heaven. The force behind the shop, Shannon Michelle Radke, is the East Bay’s hottest retro-chic baker, partial to fitted-waist frocks and redder-than-red lips. To see where all the roll-experimentation goes down, we visited Radke in her Pleasant Hill home kitchen, where she gave us a tour of her fridge, singled out her essential snacks and cooking products, and shared a totally yummy vegan recipe just for Refinery29 readers. Is it dessert time yet?”


THE TALK (SanFrancisco Magazine)
Vegan Upgrade – A sampling of our favorite new meat-and-dairy-free or vegan-friendly restaurants.
“Oversize, fully customizable cinnamon rolls straight out of a Willy Wonka acid flashback are the specialty here. Caramel frosting with graham cracker crumbs is our current favorite combo, but that changes as often as the shop’s options—which is to say, we just changed our mind.”


Trend Watch: Vegan Goes Mainstream (SF Weekly)
“Nationally, we saw everything from vegan baker Chloe Coscarelli winning Food Network’s Cupcake Wars to Ellen DeGeneres featuring exclusively vegan food on her show. (…) Just down the street, Cinnaholic brought ooey-gooey vegan cinnamon roll perfection to the spotlight, making Cinnabon look like child’s play.”


Holiday Highlights (SF Weekly)
“These aren’t your average cinnamon rolls. Cinnaholic takes the classic baked good to gourmet levels with rolls topped with flavored frostings and toppings of your choice. We’re talking about Oreo Explosion and Rocky Road rolls. Or create your own from frostings like almond and root beer with toppings like cookie dough chunks and pomegranate seeds.”


Cinnaholic’s Cinnamon Rolls Don’t Need Dairy (NBC’s
“Shannon Radke whittled down her focus to just cinnamon rolls from her original plans of a vegan bakery so she could “do one thing and do it right.” Cinnaholic’s Berkeley shop is sweet yet punk-rock with Misfits posters, tatted-up workers, and a skull and sword-adorned menu that shows the endless combinations of icing flavors and toppings that can come on their fresh-baked cinnamon rolls. To many non-vegan customers’ surprise, these fluffy, rich, and satisfying treats don’t ever see a drop of dairy.”


Sweet Spot (VegNews Magazine)
“Berkeley’s brand- new gourmet cinnamon roll bakery serves customizable sweets with a side of sass.
Shannon Michelle and Florian Radke took on two life-changing projects at once this summer: opening Cinnaholic, one of the first all-vegan bakeries in the San Francisco Bay area, and getting married. Shortly after they tied the knot, these two rock ‘n’ roll vegans opened their doors to a public in need of a sugar fix. Shannon Michelle chatted with VegNews about the shop, the sweets, and the future.”


Restaurant Review (BARE Magazine)
“Cinnaholic is certainly a surprise. Although it looks like a traditional bakery from the street, its interior décor is classic 50’s diner meets tattoo parlor, pin-up girl meets rock and roll. Black and white tiles make up the floor while Misfits posters adorn the walls. Kat Von D would eat here, but so would the ever-classy Tim Gunn.”


Berkeley’s Wild Westside (East Bay Express)
“For as long as anyone can remember, UC Berkeley’s “neighborhoods” — those spillover streets where students shop and eat — have been limited to two: Telegraph Avenue and its tiny somnolent twin, Euclid Avenue. Although Oxford Street stands between campus and downtown and thus should act as a sort of dining/retail baleen, it never has. Cal always had its Southside and its Northside, but never had a Westside — until now.”


New Food and Packaging / Cinnaholic: an all-vegan bakery (Lost At E Minor)
“Have you ever spotted a tempting-looking treat, drooled over it, and then jumped back when you saw the dreaded words printed boldly before you: vegan? Not so with Berkeley’s all-vegan bakery Cinnaholic. This brand new hotspot flaunts an energetic rock-n-roll attitude while specializing uniquely in the sinful cinnamon roll.”


Weekly Dish: Vegan Delight in Berkeley (Diablo Magazine)
“I tried several rolls, including peanut butter and jelly, and banana walnut, but nothing compared to the mocha almond roll—a classic cinnamon bun that tastes like it should be loaded with pure butter and sugar (don’t worry, it’s not), topped with a hearty serving of mocha frosting and slivered almonds.”


Cinnaholic’s Addictive Vegan Cinnamon Rolls (Daily Candy)
“…where the cinnamon rolls are so delightful you won’t know (or care) that they’re vegan”


All-Vegan Cinnaholic Bakery is Both Subversive and Satisfying (SF Weekly)
“No dairy or animal products are needed to yield a dense (but not too dense), flavorful, and moist roll, and Cinnaholic subverts potential vegan textural obstacles with success. We haven’t done a blind tasting, but we suspect most carnivores wouldn’t even miss the eggs and butter.”


Punk rocking, vegan Cinnaholic to launch in Berkeley (Berkeleyside)
“Picture this: a punk-rock, pin-up style sweet-treats store that aims to break the stereotype that vegan food tastes like cardboard. That’s the concept behind Cinnaholic  which will open its first store this summer in Berkeley.”


Berkeley Goes Cinnaholic (VegNews)
“Last Thursday, vegan cinnamon-roll specialist Cinnaholic announced that it’s slated to set up shop near the University of California at Berkeley campus. The bakery will be the first exclusively vegan confectioner to open its doors in the San Francisco Bay Area. Locals can satisfy their sticky-bun sweet tooth with more than 30 varieties of cruelty-free cinnamon rolls—from traditional Old Fashioned to innovative flavor combinations such as Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Bliss, S’mores, and Savory Pizza. The grand opening is scheduled for the first week of July.”


Vegan Bakery Cinnaholic Signs Berkeley Lease, Plans Summer Launch (SFweekly)
“While we haven’t had the pleasure of tasting a Cinnaholic cinnamon roll in any flavor, we were part of the team that voted its vegan blueberry dragonfruit chocolate ganache cupcakes first place in the (nonvegan) Mini-Cupcake Clash last fall. And if the rolls are anything like Cinnaholic’s cupcakes, we suspect we’re all in for a treat.”