own a cinnaholic bakery franchise


Do I need previous restaurant or franchising experience to become a Cinnaholic franchisee?

While restaurant and/or business management experience are preferred, they are not mandatory. The Cinnaholic team will be there to support and guide you every step of the way.

Is Cinnaholic offering single and multi-unit franchise opportunities?

Yes. Currently we are offering both single and multi-unit franchise opportunities.

What are the initial franchise fee and royalty fees?

Currently our initial franchise fee is $35,000, our on-going royalties are 5%, and our marketing royalties are 2%.

How much does a typical Cinnaholic store cost to open?

The average estimated buildout cost for a Cinnaholic franchise cost is $178,000 – $309,500, which includes the franchise fee. Among the major capital expenditures is the cost of configuring an existing retail site into a Cinnaholic store. This is site-specific and varies widely, as does the availability of landlord-funded tenant improvements.

What type of training and support will I receive as a new Cinnaholic franchisee?

As a Cinnaholic franchisee, you will become a part of the Cinnaholic family that truly cares, supports, and encourages each other. You will benefit from our help every step of the way. Our experts will provide training and ongoing support to help you successfully build your business.

Does Cinnaholic offer financing?

We do not offer financing. However, we can certainly assist in helping you find and secure the best financing option.

How soon can I expect my Cinnaholic franchise to open?

Typically it will take anywhere from 6-12 months from the time you sign a Franchise Agreement to the opening of your Cinnaholic.

Where are Cinnaholic bakeries generally located?

Because Cinnaholic is such a streamlined model, we can fit into a wide range of spaces. Our real estate team will help you find the best spot.

Will I have a protected territory?

Yes. Depending on certain demographics around your location, you will have an area that is all yours.

Will I receive guidance on purchasing equipment and supplies?

Yes. We will help you with buying every single thing that you need.

Will I receive assistance in planning a Cinnaholic grand opening?

Absolutely! The Cinnaholic team will work with you from start to finish.


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